81 c3

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Sep 16, 2011
Cape Breton
1981 C3 Corvette
Hi Folks I am new here and a new vette owner of a 1981 C3 Corvette. My vin number starts with 1g1at and not 1g1ay the car shows a plate that has quebec stamped on it with the vin on the drivers door. I did a vin search on both and recieved good title and accident checks on both serial numbers. Any ideas why mine has a t instead of the y

Welcome to the forum! Sorry for the delay in the welcome.

Very interesting question you have there. I do not know the answer and am interested in hearing about this from someone who does.

Tell us a little more about your Corvette. Maybe that will help solve the mystery, and post pics of your car! We'd love to see your ride!
Thanks Riley pictures will come soon it is in need of work I am thinking on doing a major job to it and taking it off of the frame which I am sure will be a bigger job then I will plan lol...
Anyhow I will have lots of questions and hopefully I will be able to get the answers as I am sure there have been lots of others that have been there before.

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