Nice, you must have some great reaction times at the lights.

Nah not anymore Melo, I used to drag race professionally back in the day but now it's just for fun. I just race against myself to see how fast I can go. We usually head down to Cayuga with the rest of the CF members for some fun. It's really the only place where you can let your car hang out without getting in trouble anymore. :D
Nice times!!! You run the 1/4 mile alot? Do you power shift in the Z06? I heard you can pick up a 10th of sec each shift? I tryed it untill I blew the trans... I have so many questions, launch techniques? 60' times?

I don't run the car as much as would like too-especially now since they give me the boost after a few passes-lol!

When I ran 11.65, I never powershifted the car-the M12 tranny and they way the shifter is set up the car doesn't like it too much. On the launch I just brought the revs up to 5G's and sidestepped it! I won't do that anymore-that cost me 4 tranny's and rear ends-lol!!!! Now with the blower I can just walk the car out of the hole. Watch this video-easy launch and easy shifts-that was my first pass of the day and they booted me! This is with my stock motor and a D1SC-car was making around 640 rwhp-on pump gas and meth.

More vids

Stock motor Z06 D1SC supercharged.- Video

Then with auto

02 Z06, first day out 88 degree weather, pump gas,- Video
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