Jan 26, 2018
Orford, Qc
Corvette HTC 2023
Hello All,
My Corvette is now in storage in my garage (Grand Sport 2019 with 16,300 KM). I bought a 4 post lift and put the car on it and lift it up to maximum.
When I looked under the car I found a small oil leakage in the transmission area. I don't know if I should wonder about it or not.
For sure when I will take it out of hibernation, I will go to the dealer to have a look at it.
As you can see on the picture, there are no real oil drop. Just some stain on the aluminium body of the transmission.
Have you ever experience such thing? Any advice of this?
For such a small leakage, I am not sure that I will want the dealer to remove the transmission to fix the problem unless it is mandatory.



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Oh my ... would hope it not being an issue as I'm sure you have been diligent with
your inclusive Mobil 1 Oil changes and can question why this has not been mentioned
and not addressed during those service appointments. I would hope this would be a lazy
drain plug seal as already mentioned.
In the meantime, share it by email with your Dealership Service Manager (not a service adviser)
and see what his expertise can offer you (I usually make mention of it being for when it is
convenient for him to reply). If not too crazy-satisfied with his explanation, try emailing
another Dealership Service Manager (this is what I do when needed).

As being self-diagnosed with OCD (the Corvette strain) ... it's warming up in YYC this week
and I can thank you for giving me a reason to have a good visit with my C7s ... and a few
iphone snaps of the underside ... keep us posted & thx for sharing.
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hard to tell 4sure from the pic but it looks like it may be coming down from the opposite side of where the pic was taken ? could be a gasket, could be a plug, could be overfill and run down on the tube when filling ( not sure if these trannys still fill like the old stuff ) , could be case porousity weeping. I would certainly have the dealer look at it. Then clean it up and go from there. But it should stay clean. I got 408,000 on my GMC and it don't leak.
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