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    In for Upgrades!!!

    The Z06 went into Caravaggio Corvettes today for some aesthetic upgrades and just a bit more carbon fiber. Always amazed at what is being worked on in the shop; The first '63 is a restomod sitting on a new C5 frame. It has a new paint job but notice the circles on the paint. Not his paint work...
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    St. Catharines GM Car Show Piks....

    Some great machines and a great day all in all...for your viewing pleasure.
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    Hamilton Cops N Rodders Car Show 2016 - Over 500 vehicles.

    Few shots from the show; we won an award so that was nice.... Enjoy. My fav shot first!
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    15 DSOM Z06 ALLFLASH - Piks Along The Welland Canal

    Thought I might throw in a few piks that I took yesterday at dusk and first thing this morning along ther Welland Canal to Lake Erie... Enjoy! Oh... Canon 6D with eityher my L24-105L or my L28-300... They are high if they are too big, lemme know and I will switch off for...
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    Piks of the Auto Show, My Video and we need VOTES!!!

    ok so we are in the Toronto Auto Show! Here is a quick shot! WE need everyone to text '1' to 306-500-6715 in order to win the competition. The Grand prize is $5000, all of which is being donated to veterans Emergency Transition Canada if we win. To encourage you all to share and text, I...