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Jul 25, 2014
2015 Z06
ok so we are in the Toronto Auto Show! Here is a quick shot!

IMG 8958

WE need everyone to text '1' to 306-500-6715 in order to win the competition. The Grand prize is $5000, all of which is being donated to veterans Emergency Transition Canada if we win. To encourage you all to share and text, I have posted a whole hockey sock of high res photos from the show (that can be downloaded) here:

2016 Toronto Auto Show

Next is the video that was created for the show...I am so old now!
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Text '1' to a Saskatchewan number? I'm in! :D

Love the car Les. It looks Phenomenal in there!!!!
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You are doing way more then me for a good cause, all I had to do was ask my tech in the shop who could text without fees across Canada to text with their phone. Good luck again
Text '1' to a Saskatchewan number? I'm in! :D

Love the car Les. It looks Phenomenal in there!!!!

Yeah, WTH do they put up a Sask number in a Toronto show competition? :) Do they not want people to vote?

My vote is in.
Got a new idea Les,

"Text "1" for a chance to win from the Canadian Auto Show", then just show a picture of your car. Let them guess the rest...
hmmmmmm.... Texted 1 and got a guy from H67 Pizza in Saskatoon asking me what size I wanted? :confused:

lol...jk. vote is in. Good luck Les. Car looks great... Love the colour by the way....:Smug:
Ok so late last night, I was paying her a visit and caught this....someone taking it for a joy ride!


Actually, they thought it would be much better right at the front door of Auto Exotica so this morning she will be front and center before one sees all the cars 5 and ten times the price...and more actually with this little beauty valued at 17 million US.


So here they are setting her up once again! We are not tucked against the wall anymore!



I`m glad if you win , the money goes to the veterans...I am a vet also , but never got shot at (1965 RCAF) car was in the Pickering Legion easter parade escorting at 95 year old female vet last year who couldn`t walk far like so many who would have liked to take part

rgds larry
Thanks Larry and thank you for your service. Although we have both served in the worst of things, my son has seen much worse than I first hand and I am thankful every day for the opportunity to understand where he was going, and to prepare him for what he was going to experience. My time on the other side was a gift in that respect.

Unfortunately so many we know have never had that support and continue to live, or have lived, difficult lives on return. This was a very easy cause to support and great to always bring to the forefront even in this small way. We listened to several that liked our cause yesterday and I even met a few Vets. Great day!
OK Allflash vote is in. My wife, kids and their kids have been asked todo the same. I'll send a message to club members to help out as well. Great cause. Z06 is stunning. Hope to see you there on 20th when I get back home.
The Z looks way better in the new location! Stunning car Les. Every time I see it, I can't believe how nice it looks.
A message has gone out to a few key vette club members requesting them to forward the message to otherOntario Vette club key executive members for further notification to all members. I tried but am in Mexico with out my computer and using my wife's iPad which I'm about to feed to the fish in the sea.
I would TRULY appreciate any support we can get and thank you very much! Whrn you consider that 100,000 more Mustangs are produced than Corvettes each year, the Mustang has a much larger support base to draw from. Our ability to get the votes through such coverage would help immensely! Text '1' to 306-500-6715 . I would LOVE to win and donate the $5000 to Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada!!!
Few piks from today at the Autoshow!! Our new home...almost in the Auto Exotica hall but not quite. We are, however, the ONLY domestic vehicle that made it to that floor with Auto Exotica!

IMG 1112

And the crowds!!!!!!!

IMG 1119
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