2020 corvette

  1. WN Jeff

    Show 2020 Corvette Convertible Retractable Roof Demo

    Not a bad way to start your Saturday morning! Ladies and Gentleman for your viewing pleasure I proudly present a recent video I shot of the C8 Corvette Convertible with its Hardtop Retractable roof doing its thing! Full disclosure this is even more impressive in person and I can officially...
  2. nKuch

    Massive Corvette C8 Meetup

    Looking to host a small event on the weekend for all corvette C8 owners in the GTA area (Saturday or Sunday based on weather). As many of you know, I own a youtube channel with my brother called Daily Downshift. We want to get as many Corvette C8's together as possible to shoot a video showing...
  3. nKuch

    MRR aint playing around, their wheels are EPIC on the C8!

    Just in case some of you don't wish to watch the video, I'll sum it up and post some pics. We recently got MRR FS06's sent to us (rotary forged, not fully forged) and we managed to save 12lbs all around compared to the OEM base wheels GM supplies with the car. MRR FS06's: Rears (20x11) -...
  4. nKuch

    Guide Vinyl Wrapped C8 Roof (Front Hood to Engine Window)

    Hey folks, thought I'd share my video with you all to show you how a corvette c8 looks with a gloss black vinyl wrapped roof. This was our very first time attempting a wrap, and for being amateur, I'd say it turned out pretty good! Saved quite a lot of money not selecting any factory roof...
  5. nKuch

    Guide Here's EXACTLY what you get for $59,995 USD on the corvette c8!

    Hey folks, it took us quite some time to film and edit this video but it's finally here. We thought it would be pretty informative to show potential buyers exactly what you get for the base price of $59,995. Of course, our specific vehicle is slightly more expensive but that's just because of...
  6. WN Jeff

    Announcement Wilson - Niblett Showroom C8 photos

    I mean it's not like I am saying - " Tomorrow would be a great day to pop into Wilson Niblett because we have two C8's in our showroom! Or wait did I?
  7. WN Jeff

    Announcement The Eagles have landed

    Photos up shortly... I am driving in to see them!
  8. nKuch

    C8 Production Questions

    Wanted to ask a bunch of questions I had in mind in regards to the C8 production timeline. Firstly, when do workers go back to the bowling green plant from their holiday break? Subsequently, when will the first round of C8's go down the production line? Lastly, how long will it take for GM...