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Her name is Ginger
Stingray ZF1 3LT
Daytona Sunrise Orange Metallic
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Tell us about your Vette

In 2015 I had seen a C7 briefly on a road trip in Wyoming but had yet to get close to a new Vette, so as I was driving by a local dealer in my C6, I noticed 2 C7's in their lot. A Shark Gray and a Torch Red. So I pulled in to just take a look. Immediately salesmen mysteriously appeared like flies in a fish plant, and hovered both over my C6 and me. After discussing the new generation and these two Vettes with a salesman, he asked if I was interested and that they would be interested in my pristine C6. I said no. I was just looking and even if I was interested, I would want one optioned out and it had to be a manual shift. That was my mistake as he then said "have you seen the one in the showroom?" It was a 3LT M7, optioned out, and the gorgeous and limited DSOM colour.

Well. To make a long story a bit shorter, that was my downfall, as there was my Ginger. We haggled for a while and they offered me quite a bit more than I had paid for my C6 four years earlier and dropped 10% off the MSRP as it was getting later in the summer for them.

Eight plus years later I have zero regrets. I love this car and it has never given me a moment of grief and has never been back for any more than routine maintenance.

Addons almost immediately were Diamon Fusion glass protection, window tints all around (excluding the windshield), marker light tints, side skirts, splitter, PPF, wider splash guards all around, and a Race Ready oil catch can.

This is my baby and although I have had some attractive offers from both private and dealers in this last year or so, she is and will remain in her mancave with me for a long time to come.

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