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    Happy new year

    Happy 2011 to all of you on the forum. Hopping for a better 2011.
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    November Update to the Saskatoon Boy

    Well... You don't like to hear the Doctor Say " These were not the results we were hopping For". The 4 treatment I had did not work well. Some good, some bad. So on to Plan B. That is called R-I-C-E. 4 days in a row starting Nov. 15th for a 21 day cycle . Sounds like full day treatments. More...
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    Mice and storage pls help !!!

    Dryer Sheets and nothing else. If you put something that smells bad in the car you will NEVER get that smell out. And no I donot want to talk about moth balls.
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    Winter Storage Tips

    I agree with the bounce sheets. We use them in our Motorhome that is parked in a bush on an acreage. You will not need many as you will have that fresh dryer smell with you for a few weeks in the spring.
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    battery storage

    Riley, I just bought a CTek Charger. Did it keep your battery ay 100% til spring?
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    Tar on car

    Just grab a can of spray paint which is close to the same colour.....yea thats it give it a try.....:rofl:
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    A message to all Saskatoon Boys

    It has been quit the summer. We got together too few time to keep up with everyone. I was hopping to see most of you the cruise weekend but never really saw where everyone was parked. Then I was going to tell you all this. In early July, I was told I had non hodgkin's lymphoma. I ended up in the...
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    No more Thursdays!

    Thursday are the best for me. Even though I work evening every 2nd week. Weekends will not work as this is summer is Saskatchewan and trying to get as much out of it! Thursday have been real bad Because of the weather. But I did stop by last thursday for bit. There, That's my 2 cents.
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    Dreaded fuel guage half full issue

    Riley, if you order, I am in for a jug or 2.....
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    2011 Corvette Commercial

    VetteTube - Corvette Videos, Corvette Babes, Corvette Pics, Corvette Burnouts, Corvette Mods
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    Air Filters

    Yes I did and all is well. Improved gas milage, but now it is time for a tune! Order the pre-cut shoud and throddle body with it. And have 3 hands to install.
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    Trans Canada Highway by Maple Creek being washed out!

    YouTube - Maple Creek flood 2010 Trans Canada Highway dissapears
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    It's summer!

    Starting Holidays thursday! Be back in early July. Hold the fort down til we get back!!!!
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    how many C6's ?

    Congrads on the new car! Is it Blue your getting? Auto ot 6 speed ? you know the regular BLA BLA Questions. Your going to change the in-take right?
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    I think the world is against me!

    I've heard of Riley's so called magic! Ask him to show you his magic trick where he pulls something out his pants, it's quite th e trick!:rofl: