Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
It has been quit the summer. We got together too few time to keep up with everyone. I was hopping to see most of you the cruise weekend but never really saw where everyone was parked. Then I was going to tell you all this.
In early July, I was told I had non hodgkin's lymphoma. I ended up in the hospital in aug 8th for 8 days. Once I was stabilized, I began Chemo. The treatment is called R-CHOP. some of you may know what this means.
I will be off work and at home for a while, how long, let say 6 months plus or minus what ever may happen.
I'm doing OK but very tired most days. My treatments are scheduled for every 3 week, next one being Sept 3.
As of now and will remain a out patient of the Cancer Clinic.

So if your going out Thurday Night, please post, will try and make it out for a hour.

Now who has the picture of Sunday Downtown!!!!
Not too sure what to say Dwayne, but that sucks. Sorry to hear about this. Now kick this Hodgkin's butt! To help you out, I started phoning all the Hodgkins in the phone book and told them to leave you alone.

I'll see if I can hunt down some Downtown Pictures. Mike forgot his camera and I forgot my phone. Things happen when you don't normally get up at 5am on a Sunday.

See you out when you can make it on a Thursday!
Hi Dwayne;

I dont know what to say either, hope this therapy goes by fast and you are back to your old self soon. I have many pictures of the Vette parking lot downtown. I will try to post them within the next couple of days and let you know.
Keep on fighting ... they can't keep a good man down ..especially a Corvette guy .
Hope you have a fast and full recovery.

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