Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Well... You don't like to hear the Doctor Say " These were not the results we were hopping For". The 4 treatment I had did not work well. Some good, some bad. So on to Plan B. That is called R-I-C-E. 4 days in a row starting Nov. 15th for a 21 day cycle . Sounds like full day treatments. More intense treatment. Talking to others, I found out with what I have ( Non-Hodgkin lymphoma aggressive B Cell) this would happen sooner or later. I pick sooner.
So thats the poop. Still hanging in Car is in storage just needs to be run for a 1/2 to get the fuel aditive mixed into the motor, and attach C-Teck and I am good to go. rock on Boys....:seeya:
Damn it. Not the results we were hoping for either. That sucks but from what you say, it sounds inevitable. But that still sucks. Like every good movie that I have seen, it always goes to plan B before the good guys start kicking ass. This is where I believe you'll start kicking ass Dwayne and although the next set of treatments don't sound like a party, I believe this is where you will start to make your improvements and will show this B cell who's boss!

Take care buddy! We're rootin for you. Glad to hear that the vette is tucked away except for the fact that the vette is tucked away because of fricking winter and it's only at the start. Boo.
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