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    Coils packs, Wires, and Plugs

    You'll not likely have to replace the coils for any reason, performance or otherwise, I run GMPP Performance 8 mm wires with NGK BR7 C spark plugs btw....
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    Happy Birthday, Dan K.

    THANKS! a great country to get old in! :Biggrin:
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    gear swap

    I went to a 3.42 with my A4 a few years ago, great improvement, if you really want to make it work add a 2800 stall TC at the same time since the diff is out anyway..... I just happen to have one for sale cheap.... Lol....
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    Drag Racing TSN 3:00 p.m. Eastern May 19/15

    I missed it! Would've seen this post earlier if it wasn't for this new format....... Difficult to navigate .....
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    C5 Twin turbo kit

    Cool.... I'm from ITuna....smaller town yet!
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    C5 Twin turbo kit

    If you can offer a good working complete twin turbo kit for that price you're going to sell a $hit load of them.... Where are you located your profile won't show up ...
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    Finding Corvette parts in Ontario

    2nd for Northern Corvettes ...James is a good source for used and has good pricing on most new stuff too....
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    Check out the dyno results on this 2003 Z06

    Always loved that big N/A power!
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    Journey towards my 1st Vette is complete

    Best colour!
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    C7 Low Profile High Lift 2 TON Steel Garage Jack (pics)

    just what I need, still using a really old PITA one, keep saying I'm going to upgrade.....
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    C5 cat back fs

    Granatelli C5 cat back, all SS, sounds great on a stock or mildly modded C5, look like Stingers but no drone, asking four hunnert OBO picked up in Stoney Creek - here's a pic of when I installed them... [/URL][/IMG] [/URL][/IMG] Exhaust is sold.... THX!
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    Twisted Lemon

    Place is crazy good and chef Dan is an insane cook! Best restaurant around!
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    C5 Z06 TI cat backs and air box

    Tony Cheap.... (Stoney Creek) .... L8J-1K5
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    C5 Z06 TI cat backs and air box

    I'm kinda interested, but you need to start thinking about shipping them ...... Look into shipping them to Ontario and let me know..... Some guys bubble wrap them and send them on a bus.....
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    Drag Racing

    I only get TSN 1....PBA Bowling quarter finals!