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    Be Very Careful With This Dealer

    Yep I know the dealer in Victoria bc. They suck at customer service to
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    Summerland, BC Car Show.. Sept 8th

    To bad was cancelled for 2020
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    Show Penticton Peach City Beach Cruise

    Probably cancelled for 2020
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    C7 Theft Prevention

    Let me guess. Saskatoon?
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    C7 Theft Prevention

    That’s ok at least don’t have to deal with all the thieves in Saskatchewan. You can walk anywhere in Vancouver after dark. Try to say that about downtown Regina or Saskatoon. By the way enjoy looking at wheat
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    Mobil 0W40 ESP Dexos, Calgary Area

    Why would you not just use motul 8100 which is a true group 1v synthetic and also Dexos 2 compliant. Also a hell of a better oil
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    looking for borla x pipe 60547

    I’ve got a titanium wrapped new extra one. Sounds great
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    Only applies to the sport cup 2 tires
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    Sad Sad Day

    And had here out today
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    Corvette Winter Storage Thread....

    Everything will be ok
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    Your looking for clear roof

    Your looking for clear roof
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    Sad Sad Day

    Osoyoos bc. Occasionally riding it all winter. Runs to penticton. Snow rare here