Welcome back Mr.Steve ,good Corvette info as usual .
My buddy Steve is the owner of the JSB 08 Z06 with the nasty cam in one of my video's . Steve always the latest info on whats coming up for the Corvette .
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sounds like an interesting idea but... wouldn't it be funner to have a car that looked like a base c6 with a ZR1 power train in it?? Kind of like the COPO days where by if you wanted the fastest, you couldn't even get it on an SS model :D...

I don't know how I'd feel about driving a ZR1 that had a Z06 engine... ok well... i'd love it still BUT... I kinda like my idea LOL
:driving:Corvette Chief Engineer, and Harlan Charles, Corvette Product Manager, will unveil this new limited edition Z06 variant in the Corvette Corral of the 12 Hours of Sebring on Friday, March 19.
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