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Dec 3, 2014
2015 Z06
My first post! my dealer just sent me a email! my Z06 is in. Can't to get home from holidays now to pick her up!
Hi CB266.
Welcome to the site.
Nice to hear your car arrived.
If you are away on vacation I'm certain someone here could go pick-up your car for you..! Just say the word and i'm certain someone would be glad to help. It will be in your garage when you get home.
You may not have to worry about that pesky break-in period.
It will probably be done for you.!
A very Happy New Year for you.
Congratulations on both the Z06 and the vacation. Bitterly cold in Ontario.

Welcome to the forum. We are Z06 picture starved. Help us out.
Congrats, it will make the winters go slower and the summers go faster, but it will be well worth it...
I just picked up the car tonight and its awsome except the heater is not working!! thank god the heated seats work great
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