Nov 12, 2009
2002 Z06
I recently purchased a stock 2002 Z06 and would like to make a few mods to the vehicle. What would some of the "best bang for your buck" mod's be? Also my vette sounds great but i would REALLLLY like to get a much gnarlier sound, any suggestions?

Thanks for all your help :canada:
I would start by talking with three people with very nice Vettes:

1. Manny (Nasty98) has a ton on technical experience and works on a lot of Corvettes.

2. Tony (HLN A55) has a Z06 and has don a lot of research on different options on how to make power.

3. Toque (Toque) has a heavily modified Z06.

Try these guys first and see what they say. I'm sure I am missing others, but this should at least get you started.
Great ride!!! and I'm not just saying that LOL

I have done a ton of research, yes. First, how much power do you want to make? I agree with Riley that if you're into serious power, Manny is the resident expert however you can gain a LOT with just bolt ons...

1. Long tube headers... some (LG) offer as much as 30 RWHP... see their website for proof.

2. Stick with the stock cat back. Once you add the headers and hi-flow cats, it'll get louder anyhow and a louder cat back will more than likely give you some degree of cabin drone... just my $0.02 Also, the titanium is probably lighter than any stainless system you put on it so if it was me, you'll get better drag times out of the lighter system than by adding a cat back that'll only give you 5 RWHP :D

3. Cold aire intake

4. Tune

After that it's all about $$$

I stepped up my drive train before making any serious mods and would guess that you should do the same if you can. A new high performance clutch with higher clamping force can make a big big difference (especially if the old one has higher miles!!) and if I'm not mistaken, the '02 may have also suffered from easily damaged aluminum shift forks in the tranny.

For myself, I researched superchargers, turbo's, cams, heads etc and concluded on a simple set of long tubes and a cam for myself. If I want a lot more than that, I'll just get into a c6 z06 and step it up from there but I happen to really like the C5 for myself at the moment. Manny helped out a lot and if I had to choose between a blower or a turbo system I would agree that the supercharger is prob the better option.

The numbers are almost limitless so the first thing you have to do is figure out how far you want to go. Reliability and driveablility may be impacted depending on how far you want to take it.

If there's anything else I can help you out with just drop me a line!!

Well ur running around 350-360 rwhp at the moment. Headers,cam, cai and a tune should get you around 425. You'll needs heads for sure to need 100 at the wheels and now you're talking almost 10k. You can also consider a supercharger or turbos but manny in my opinion is correct in that heads/cam package is superior. With a heads and cam package your making the motor BETTER.

Keep in mind that adding up to 100 rwhp will highlight further weaknesses in the stock drive train like I mentioned before. I'd say a clutch in my opinion is a must if you plan to get the most out of your mods. I went tranny and clutch before the motor.

One thing to consider is if you have to pass emissions also. I think you're from BC so if that's true, you will have to carefully your cam and possibly sacrifice about 15 rwhp. OR go with the supercharger...

The possibilities are as endless as your wallett :). Welcome to your new addiction LOL
Hi there,and welcome to the fun . I could write a whole book of info on here , but I would rather talk to about your goals and what you want to achive . So here is my number 519-240-2601 best time is after 4pm . I can help you out with any questions and provide experienced answers.

Hey Tony nice write up :canada:

Manny Dasilva
I was hoping that I would do you proud :). Geez I read all that again and even convinced myself that I'm almost starting to know what I'm talking about but I certainly had some help lol

To be honest though I can't say enough about the help I got so far. I'm just waiting to time my purchase closer to spring again so that I don't have to store the stuff for the next 6 months.
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