What seems to be more amazing, I think anyway, is the marketing finesse GM is using to ensure this car stays on the top of the news. Whether it be the announcement, pricing, comparisons, these performance specs, or even the Valet information, GM is getting much more play with the Z06 in Canada and the US that I think we have ever seen from a single vehicle
Well, that'll silence all those dill weeds that think the Hellcat will be faster than the Z06. Somehow a 57hp advantage makes up for 700lbs of extra weight. :D
But I'd still take a Hellcat, they're pretty sweet...just not over a Z06. The news just keeps getting better with this car.....except for the low number of allocations for Canada.
Wonder when they will get the Nurburgring run done. I imagine the Z06 will be even more impressive given it's straight line abilities than add in the cornering.

I'm ok with my 4 sec 0-60's and 12 sec qtr miles :)
Nice post Keith! The new Z06 looks like it's going to silence a lot of critics.

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