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Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
Good morning!

I'm looking at a trailer for work and also to use for moving the car. But I was wondering if someone with a C6 Z06 could help me as Google could not. How much clearance is there between the bottom of the door and the ground, I have to see if the door, when open, will clear the trailer fender. This takes
10" and I don't think most trailer fenders are that low..........

One option would be to screw down a 2 by 12 or something to the deck to boost the car height but I'd rather not have to do that. I'd also rather not get a flush deck.

I remember from my November enclosed trailer experience having to get out of the car through the window once it was in position but having the window open with the car inside an enclosed trailer is different from having an open window on an open trailer and I'd rather not go through the trunk!!


Ours is a stock 2005 and would need fenders not more than 8" higher than the floor to be sure of not hitting. Some trailers have fenders that are hinged and flip up out of the way for extra clearance when opening doors.
Good morning Keith,

8" or in that area.

How interesting! I have seen ads before talking about flip up fenders but I never understood what it meant until your explanation!

I'm not sure if this trailer has that or not, I'll have to enquire. It would sure solve the problem though.

As would a 2 by 12 lift in 4 tire spots.

It is a bit much of a trailer for either car or plot equipment needs, a 22' two section, 6' fixed, 16' tilt. 84" in between fenders. The car I believe is 76" so 4" of room on either side is good. 14,000 lb capacity so for hauling steel or combine headers etc. it would be very suitable as it would for 1000 lb bags of canola seed.

But it is currently in Edmonton.

So I was thinking of looking at it when I go to pick up the Z06 once it has been trained to Edmonton in a few weeks and then I would be able to trailer the car back on the trailer!!


i used 2x12's for my sons car. figured 2x4 wasn't wide enough for the tires and i wasn't sure if 2x4 would cause tread damage for a couple hr trip.
Good afternoon bigneez,

It does sound like an elegent solution on how to get the extra clearance that I need, good that others have used the same solution.........


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