Jan 26, 2009
Saskatoon Saskatchewan
Read this on another forum, options please?:confused::confused:

Based on info gleaned from this forum I drilled three 1/2 in dia holes in the back plate of the stock mufflers. Sounds good. Even received a compliment from the oil change guy.

Drilled about a 1/4 inch pilot hole first...took no time at all.
I really dont know about that mod you dont want water and stuff in there its too exposed.
This is the one that many do in the forums on the stock Ti, Z06 exhaust on the corvette.
You could always have the hole patched, then do this one, quite while crusing and loud when
your stepping on it.



Dont think so the main feed into the muffler is larger then the bypass pipe.
On normal driving the exhaust would flow the path of least restriction, under
preasure (wot) it would flow more and if there is any muffler back pressure
woud flow thru the bypass.
Many poeple have performed this mod and it seems to work well.
You can check around on the various forums as there is alot of information about it.

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