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Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
Meet up at The Docks on 11 Polson St at 11am with a 12pm departure time and cruise up Yonge Street to Boston Pizza at Yonge and Sheppard. (If you are coming off the DVP, take the lake shore exit, but at the lights, head straight. Do not turn. Drive down to the set of lights (Commissioners St) and then turn right to Cherry St. Then make a left turn on Cherry and get into the right lane as Polson St is almost immediate. If you are coming from East of the DVP on the Lake Shore, you need to make a left turn at Bouchette St or Saulter St and then make a right turn on Commissioners St. The drive to Cherry St and make the left. If you are on Queen or King, head over to Parliament St, turn left (head South) to Lake Shore, make another left and get into the right lane as it will exit onto Cherry St.

Remember to bring your radio's, sunblock for the vert and coupe drivers/passengers and water to drink on the drive, chairs to sit and an umbrella for the shade. Hoping it's a 30+ degree day with a UV and humidex over 100%.

Please RSVP if you are coming. Add my cell to your phonebooks so that if someone is late, or lost, they can call. My cell is 416-450-7214.

I hope to see alot of cars there.


Rollcall for Sun August 16:
Zeeman28a (Stan)
BabyBlue (Paul)
Randy79 (Randy)
3Xvette (Steve & Janet)
Hyejack (Jack)
Snipped (Chris)
Spocc (Pete & Nancy)
Kidneyboy (Mike)
Sick-Vette (Joe & Karen)
Corrado (Corrado)
Rob01C5 (Rob)
HRD2BME (Jason)

3rd EDIT Aug 12/09:

Thanks to Rob01C5, he has made reservations at the Boston Pizza at Yonge and Sheppard for 1PM. There is pay parking in behind with a free 2 hour limit on the weekends.

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You gotta find where the corvette brothers and sisters hangout in Ottawa and area. Then put together a cruise.

Because CF is still the most heavily trafficed site, that's where I post. And there are quite a few Ottawa perps there.

Here are links to pics from the cruise day.

Yonge Street Cruise Sunday August 16, 2009 at the Docks pics - Corvette Forum

I only took 2 pics. We are still waiting for others to post their pics. That's my Dodge Durango as I sold my '03 Vert back in Feb and I'm waiitng to pick up a new Grand Sport in May 2010.

We eventually had 2 C2's, 3 C3's, 1 C4, 5 C5's and 6 C6's show up. Great turnout.


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