Could one of them have been a blue Z06? SIR should market itself more about being an outlet for people to do this kind of thing. I hope I learn from their lesson and don't get into street racing.
I also hope it wasnt a blue Z06 as well. For that matter I hope it wasnt anyone from the club period. The older gent was going to fast over the rain that was there that morning and lost control due to speed and water and jumped to the other side into the flow of traffic. Hope he pulls thru and the 13 year old girl as they are both in critical condition .
I think that S.I.R. is doing more thyan enough to promote the track as I have many a friend that races there and did so myself for a many year. You cannot stop the people that think they are street racers no matter how much you would like as they want a crowd and 8th street is a place to start and then go from there . You would think that the previous accident where there was a fatality would curtail this but alas there are just another idiot to take there place and think they will get away with it . I say throw the book at them as they could have hurt someone serious as well and the Corvette sticks out like a sore thumb allready . Dont be surprised if we are targeted for a while as well by the police just because .
I think we may be targeted for a while also. They are really targeting sportbikes this year, as they've become quite popular in the past few years and there are a lot of idiots getting on them. Corvette's could be next if this keeps up. Does it help us that the police chief drives a Corvette? :D
I think that S.I.R. is doing more than enough to promote the track as I have many a friend that races there and did so myself for a many year. You cannot stop the people that think they are street racers no matter how much you would like as they want a crowd and 8th street is a place to start and then go from there.

Well, I agree and disagree. If I haven't heard of the dates when the track is open to street cars (and I listen for this kind of thing) then there are a lot of others that haven't heard when it is open, or how much it costs, or anything else to promote that it is a great, friendly way to race someone else that you want to race.

If you have been out there for years, then that information is elementary, but I am talking about the uninformed regular kid. Posters should be put up in high schools, at the university, SIAST, bars, and anywhere else younger people hang out and could see this information. The information should be put out in front of them as just having it available (online or whatever) is not enough and too late if someone wants to give another person a run at that moment.

I've heard that SIR does not line up two cars that want to race together but that you are just in line to race. That makes me not want to go there as I want to go there to trash talk and race my friends, not race the clock. So they need to promote that you can choose who you race as well, otherwise the street just looks that much more inviting.

As long as people continue to street race, more can be done to get them to the track. I do know SIR promotes street legal drag racing, but more needs to be done to get the people that do not go out there. The people that already use the track...already use the track and are familiar with it so they are not the problem.

Not sure what to say about the guys in Corvettes racing...
The schools cannot promote racing of any kind as they do not have the classes as they have in the U.S.A. As for the bars I can imagine the talk of a poster in there and then suddenly they are on the street to find out who wins and a couple of bottles under there belt to boot and we can all see the outcome of that race.
I agree that you cannot line up against your buddy and such but it is to find out who has the faster car and by racing the clock you find out the real times and not the dangerous way like on the streets. It would not matter as well because if you want to find out if your vehicle is faster than your buddy then you are going to race on the street to find out and no matter what any one says you will do it . I guess it is like all the younger people we have come across in the Corvettes as we sit at the light and they pull up in the honda civic and want to race you , some of us kinda laugh at it but alas some of us want to race them even thou we know we are going to blow there doors of . So then what enjoyment is it doing that as the race is over before a person starts unless of course the cops are around and then you think they wil go after the corvette or the honda for the ticket?
Just my 2 cents is all .
I am living on Dumont crescent where the one Corvette was ditched after trying to get away from the ploice. It was a Dark blue or black vette with shiney aftermarket rims and a decal on the front windshield. he/she had blown there front driver tire and ditched it half on the sidewalk and half on the street. Cops and there dogs where everywhere!!! Hope this helps identifing the owner. I heard that in the other accident it was an 06 vette, and he had flipped it and actually landed on tiop of another car?! Is this correct??
I thought the caught the run-away driver, didnt they?

About a 06 Vette flipping over, I did nothear about that, just the 69 yo driver that lost control and ended up in the hospital with a 13 yo girl.

Does anyone know what happened?
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