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Feb 23, 2012
Goderich, Ontario Canada
1985 L98
Hello All

I am looking for some parts for my 1985 Coupe.

1) First of all the door panels are butchered and I would like to replace them completely.

2) Also need window regulators (both sides). I want the newer ones. Has anyone done this conversion and can give any tips?

If anyone has or knows where there is an early C4 parts car in Southern Ontario please let me know. I am in the London area.

if you have parts please email pics to [email protected]
I also restored an '85 vette needing door panels as well. After an extensive search, I was never found a decent used one in any colour so I purchased new off the internet.
A local source of used C4 parts in Southwestern Ontario I was able to find was Brad Vandepoele in Beachville. He ran a business called The Vette Shoppe which has since closed but still has a large inventory of vette parts in the building. He may be able to assist window regulators and any other small items your may require. His home number is 519-423-6083.
Good luck in your search.
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