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Aug 23, 2010
Southcentral Ontario
1967 BBC coupe
Looking for the following parts from a 1967 Impala SS:

- Strato-back bucket seats (needing recovering is fine) 1966-67 or 1968 buckets will work
- matching rear seat (needing recovering is fine)
- floor console
- factory optional tach and gauge cluster
- lower dash stainless trim
- SS rocker panel mouldings
- SS rocker panel 'extension' mouldings
- other???

Or, a complete 2-door-HT or convertible '67 SS parts car.

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I see that you can buy reproduction seat covers for the '67 Impala buckets and rear seat. However, they list different rear seats depending on whether the car is a convertible or a hardtop. The same with the rear quarter inner panels.

I wonder how they differ and which would be a better fit in a 2-door post sedan? :D

This is an example of what I'm up against when building a Frankenstein project. :rofl:
Yes, I've seen that one and several others. I've been able to figure out that many of the reproduction parts they all sell come from the same supplier. The price spread is shocking. Some are selling pieces at almost 40% more than others.

And, I bought one piece from a supplier in Japan for far, far less than the U.S. prices. It was from the same U.S. manufacturer too.


It sure pays to shop around. ;)
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