Wow. I just plain feel less adequate about myself now after seeing that. Well, time to go buy a lottery ticket.

Actually, my favorite one that I would most like to copy is the one where the guy has the '69 Camaro, 67 Vette and ZR1 in his living room. That's what I want, but I would also have a glass floor under the car so I could look at the underside from the basement.

The one with the Maserati MC 12 is also very impressive. There were only 50 MC 12's ever produced. Quite an amazing car.
Seen that episode on HGTV I think, was just amazing the amount of floorspace in some of those garages, there is some serious $$
being spent there. Some of them you could eat right off the floor as it is so clean!
The picture of the grey Ferrari has that little power ramp to help push the car out of the room so he does not have to turn the car
on and fill the room full of exhaust fumes as you can see he has a little library there and a tv sitting area, multi use room/garage.
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