Jan 29, 2009
On planet Earth
Well I am 40% done with the vette.

I started by a thorough wash and applied the pre-wax finih before the wax. As I was not entirely satisfied with how my paint felt (contaminated still), I decided to clay bar it.

The trick to properly using a claybar is to use quick detailer and not diluted soapy water. The finishing is fast and does not require another wash once done. You have to remember to work in two foot square or panels at the max. Once a panle is completed, wiping the liquid down with a microfiber towel is a must! It actually looked so good that I wasn't sure that I needed to polish. The finish was as smooth as could be (read: baby's tushy).

Applying the World's Best is incredibly easy. Of all the polishes I've used historically, this one smears on like oil practically. You just let it sit for one minute then wipe off the film with clean microfiber towel. Remember to fold your towels in four so as to change sides as often as possible.

The result is DEEP! I just had to take a break after three pls hours of detailing and I needed to get on a conference call so I welcomed the break.

Yes, yes, I will post photos cause I know that you will wnat to see the results. Patiences, I will post a response shortly.
Here are the photos. I am very pleased with the results.





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