when I see stupid , dumb azz stuff like this I just want to throw up .
That guy should be banned from ever owning a vette :mad:
Good God, he is proof it doesn't take brains or respect to own a 'vette -- just $$$$$$ unfortunately.:confused:

The 'vette gods will grab him one day and drag him thru the mud.

Where is all the stupidity and lack of commonsence come from in our world lately, makes me sick ---YUK. I didn't want to watch the video and now I'm pissed I did .
Riley was your voice at the end of the video yelling, "Do it again" ...

Ha! I don't know what motivates people to be so stupid. He'll be the same person that will be driving down the highway and wonder why his car has a vibration and think that Corvettes are a piece of crap.

I had the same gut wrenching reaction when watching a show called something like Vette Girls where they chained two C6's together and pressing nose to nose, they did burnouts until the tires blew.
I suspect alcohol and peer pressure had something to do with this.....

I'd hate to think a person could actually make such a stupid decision while sober. The car should be seized by the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Corvettes Association and given to someone who can appreciate it.
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