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Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
I am putting togeather a Woodward Dream Cruise Tour for 2013---here are the details...I still have 4 rooms left...

OK I have just sent the contract back in to the Marriott in Troy, Michigan. Rooms are $80.00/night-- US group rate. I have 10 rooms booked in this block--I have previously booked myown room. Book under Corvette Club of Canada. Here is some of the language in the contract:

Start Date End Date Room Type Rate
08/16/2013 08/17/2013 King $80.00

The Hotel
Ideally we would like to leave Cambridge around 8 am on Friday morning---cruise up the 402 to Sarnia--off an Modeland Road and cruise south on St. Clair Prkwy along the Seaway down to Sombra and take the ferry across the river and into Marine City, MI. We would be down there in plenty of time to either go to the many car shops or even visit Hardcore Pawn as seen on Reality TV--great little spot. The Marriott is about 4 blocks off of Woodward and has plenty of shopping in the area. Last year myself, Peter and Mike ordered Pizza delievered to the parking lot!! Friday night has a ton of action on Woodward--especially up in Pontiac where the turn around is!!! People pull their couches out on the boulevard and the whole 9 yards. I will put a full itinerary to geather in the coming weeks. If you are planning on going--get a room saved right away--you could always cancel. Hot summer nights in the Motorcity!!! AWESOME !!!
The reason we usually take the ferry is that on that weekend you have the big NASCAR race at Granton, Michigan--a huge car show in Flint and Woodward---other years we have sat on the bridge for 2 hours---most times the ferry is way quicker---last year was an exception as they only had one running--I will check this year 2 days before we leave. Cost is $6 per car. One note is there is no duty free going over--but most things are just as cheap down the road at Meijers anyway. Here is the link to the ferry.

Bluewater Ferry - Over 50 years of waterway transportation between the United States and Canada

Any questions let me know!!
Woodward has been on the bucket list for a few years now. I'll check my work schedule and just may be able to swing it. One of my favourite drives as a kid was always to cruise along the St. Clair parkway from Port Lambton to Sarnia but haven't done it with my vette yet.
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