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Feb 17, 2009
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2001 Z-51 Coupe
Great Cruise down today---along the Bluewater Parkway that follows St Clair River down to the Bluewater Ferry at Sombra--got all the cars onto the Ferry--and off we went to the US of A. Stopped for some liquied refreshments then off to HareCore pawn---they where filming today so none of the usual staff was around--then up and cruise Woodward to show everyone around.

Got an early start at Hortons in Cambridge

Lots of Ship action along the canal

Hortons at Corruna

Short wait at the Ferry--7 minutes!!

Got all the vette's on!!

Even the Garmen was lost!!

Liquid Refreshment run!!
Part 2

Went to see HardCore Pawn

Not your average PT Cruiser

The Crew out front of HardCore Pawn

I thought of Pierre right away when I saw this

Wanted to buy this sign!!

Cruisin Woodward on a Friday night!!
Awesome pics! Lovin' it. Make surw that you eat at Vinsetta Garage. It's an old service station from the 50's that they converted to a restaurant. You won't be disappointed! They were on the Food Network for their "Makin' Bacon burger". They have valet parking too since space is limited. It's right on Woodward Avenue. Enjoy the cruise and keep posting pics! :thumbup::cool:

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Super weather great crew--hope everyone had fun!! Super bunch of Corvette people to tour around with.

Great company displays

Lots of bikes--even racing Ducati's

Check this Camaro out for brand new!!

The big RR

Old Woodward had all the classics--by invitation only!!

Lots of old Caddies!!

The Canadian Corvette section under the shade!!

Our parking lot at Woodward!!

Joey lighting her up on Woodward!!

Joey and the boys manning the grill!!!
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