I am in!!!!----who is into doing Sherway Gardens in morning--then tour up to the Tech session???:canada: P.S. --Hide the women and small children and sheep----got the Rumblebee out today!!! Heheheheh!!!
I'll be there! The weather looks good (the rain isn't supposed to come until later Saturday night) so I hope to see a lot of people bringing their Corvettes tomorrow too! No excuses you punks! :D
Thanx Brian Hay and his whole team at Wilson Niblett for hosting a knock down drag out event with Ron Fellows and Reeves Callaway----snacks and refreshments!!!---Big deal in these hard economic times!!!! Not many people investing in their customer like that!!! Good to see everyone!!:canada:

Of course some pictures!!!
Wilson Niblett 08 pictures by WildWillyphoto - Photobucket
I like this shot form Yesterday. RON FELLOWS signing my Vette.:canada:
Mike got my good (left) side in the picture.:D

Thanks for all the kudos to the WN Team :canada:

We are just Corvette enthusiasts like the rest of you. We enjoy hosting all you folks at this event:coolgleam:

See you on the road and at the track.....
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