Jul 15, 2012
Fairview, Alberta
2006 Z06
So my plans changed. I was going to get the stripper header, possibly move seed but the trailer to move the header is no longer available until tomorrow. A bit of a disappiotnment.

Normally in this situation a quick spin in the Z06 would have cheered me up, but the Z06 is not here.

Then I decided - p*** on this, I'm of to get my Z06 and to bring it home and enjoy the first drive of the season and it is not even May yet!

So methanol jug in hand I am about to sally forth!

A great day still indeed.

And yes even though tomorrow the forecast is for 10 mm of rain and cloudy, I'm going to get my Z06 regardless............


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I'll bet you my blood pressure is not even measureable right now.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, gives the same sort of experience as driving that car. I took my time, remembered to add the methanol, even remembered to bring the keys with me, my renter hadn't parked her car in front of the garage (I was going through scenarios that would bugger this up for me), the car started and it was just so good.

I'd forgotten how comfortable the car is, how low it is and inside the garage how loud it is. It fired up at the touch of the start button, all the gauges came into the right zone and off I went. I took it easy, brought it to town by my place, gave it a quick bath, fueled it and then went home, I gave it a few jabs of the throttle the last few miles home and my mind/memory completely forgot what it was like to drive this car and how fast it accelerates.

A few oddities:

1)the oil was changed before I stored it but the oil life remaining says 19% - now I don't remember if the dealer reset it or not.
2)the engine still seems to run hot. It was only +13, I was loafing along at 105 km and it still ran at 190 is suppose to have the 160 theromstat now so I'm not sure what is up. The cooling fans are electric though - I wonder if they have been set to turn on at a cooler temp?? Are the fans suppose to be reset as well? No use in having a 160 degree thermstat if the fans don't come on until 190 as stock.........

I feel, although I'll never get over the circumstances through which I ended up buying the car (my cancer), that I am so privilaged to be able to own such a car. It really is an experience that I wish all drivers could have in their lives.

I just have to add a bit of air to the tires and it should be good to roll.

Pity we are expecting rain tomorrow, not 40 to 60 mm so far that I've heard (Edmonton and area are) but so far the forecast is only for 10 mm..............

I hope the rest of you have you cars mobile and some excellent weather to enjoy them in.

I'm going to be all smiles tomorrow just to look out the window and see that engineering marvel in the driveway.

My son will be back in about 4 hours and I think he's going to be pretty happy too, I didn't tell him it would be home when he got back from Easter with his mom. I hope maybe we can do our first father-son drive of the 2014 season - at the speed limit too.............


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I Had The 2008 Z06 Out On Sunday Cruising ...

With ( 2 ) C 5 - ( 1 ) C 4 - ( 1 ) C 3 ....

We Cruised The Top Of The Niagara Parkway Into Fort Erie ....

Cruise Passed Sherkton Beach Into Welland ...

Thru Dunnville Into Binbrook Then Back Into Hamilton ....

Was Out For 6 Hours ....

What A Grrrrrrrrreat Ride ...
OK now I am green with envy! I've only ever done one drive like that with Colin, Justin, Wayne and Brian last year and that was something else to have a convoy of Corvettes! And you got to do it for 6 hours no less! You're living the dream there............I need a more Corvette populated neck of the woods I guess. Perhaps there are enough around but I've never seen a gathering of owners anywhere local before...........
First of four YouTube shorts............

And while everyone gets good comments about their garages and how clean and tidy they are, no comments about mine please!!



No "heart attack" here Garry...... The car looks fab -- enjoy it. Primp and clean later.

Now they are forecasting 30-70 mm for Northern Alberta tomorrow too..............

Can a Z06 float?????

Sorry no float.

That's the forecast I was looking at Garry -- Stay high and dry -- hope the sun returns soon.

Have fun with son when he arrives home. I bet he'll enjoy a cruise in the Z.

Good evening Colin,

Aidan is back with me. We talked about his trip, had supper, played Frustration and now are just about to play checkers. I love doing things with him that don't require a plug!

I look forward to going to a ride in the Z06 with him, if it isn't tonight it may notbe for 2 days - what a wicked forecast!


It started to rain last night, not sure how much yet but they are still forecasting 40 mm plus over the next 24 hours. I'm still glad that I brought the Z06 home though. I actually think that I appreciate the car more only being able to drive it 6 months of the year as opposed to year round.

Got the engine parts for Aidan's go cart so I hope maybe to do that while the weather is poor - new points, condensor etc. Darn expensive for a Briggs and Stratton - $280!

I'm having Easter today with Aidan, sort of nice that while he is 9 he still wonderous is the mind of a child.


Good grief I just looked outside the window, it is above zero, but there is no rain but a full scale blizzard - what is going on here??
Good evening Riley,

Well, 5 pm here and probably in the neighbourhood of 6" of white, HEAVY snow has accumulated over the day.

Header/seed movement over the next two days cancelled.

On the fun side Dad came over and he, Aidan and I changed the points etc. on his go cart and got it to run! It shoots blue flames out the exhaust but otherwise we can keep it running. Next step to find a cap for the gas tank and to change the fuel filter. I can't wait to see this thing move under it's own power next.

+16 for Sunday, sure hope it is accurate!

Yes, I feel a bit sad seeing the Z06 with a covering of snow but the drive yesterday did me the world of good and that is why I bought the car, to be enjoyed, not as a garage queen!


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