Oct 13, 2011
Ancaster, ON
2004 convertible
Now that the driving season is winding down I'm wondering how you pass the time until next spring.

We didn't go on a vacation this year so I want to plan something that will get us somewhere warm. (Vegas or Caribbean).

Also high on my list will be avoiding having to drywall a ceiling in the only unfinished area in the basement.

Coffee with a few Corvette friends would also be good.

Last but not least more boring posts like this...........:)
I am booked to Miami in early December to go see Phil Collins in concert... he is coming out of retirement for one charity concert. 6 days in Miami and Key West. Renting a convertible... hope the weather is decent for some top down weather!

Going to Las Vegas in early January for the CES ( Consumer Electronics Show ) --- that should be fun as I love electronic gadgets and stuff.

Other then that... lay low and simplify ( lessen ) my junk ( stuff ) haha

Well Wayne my wife has three strokes since June so I'm pretty much stuck here .(she's doing fine)

Have I ever mentioned that I'd rather take it up the azz by a polar bear than plow snow .In the summer I get a few compliments on how good the lawn and shrubs look but no one has ever complimented me on my snow banks .

I've decided to study my owners manual or watch on YouTube for my 08 .I've never opened it in 6 years .

IF I had a chance I'd drive(corvette) to Key West (1800 miles) drop the Vett off at a storage facility in Orlando and fly home .Other IF's las vegas ,San Antonio ,Kissimmee Florida .Kissimmee has a place called Old Town which is worth looking into .NCRS show is in Jan but every night is car show night .

Yep ,we've had 12 inches of snow already ,thank you Alberta
We're heading south to Treasure Island Fl in early Feb. for 6 weeks or so. Hope it is warm and sunny there and when we return, snow and ice will be gone here and the ZR1 will be ready to rock and roll again.
Building model airplanes and rebuilding old model engines keeps me busy. I hate going away, too much BS now.
A holiday for me is 12hrs in the shop tinkering.
The kids hockey also keeps us pretty busy and I also host an indoor Rc flying schedule on Friday nights in a school gym.
Life is good!

Wife has once again asked if I can paint the family room and kitchen. And you know that it never stops with just painting.
Dominican Republic in early January, but just for a week.
Will spend most of the winter making toothpicks in the wood shop, maybe even get around to making that wood truck I keep promising Manny.
I am always up for one of your free lunches Wayne.
Years ago I used to build high detail 1/43 scale race car models. Problems with my lungs in 2004 had me abandon that hobby because of the fumes that epoxy and super glues give off. I recently found a whole box of unbuilt models, mainly Mark Donohue driven cars (there were many). So my son thinks he might have a filter that will help with the fumes. I am going to give it a try.

I had built a number of AMR models of Corvette race cars many years ago. They were expensive kits made in France. The French just loved the big booming V8's at Le Mans. I will take some pictures later of the few I have. They have long been out of production and are much sought after. Most of the ones I have are variations of the Greenwood Le Mans cars. Neat stuff.

I have a Japanese kit from Model Hiro of Donohue's Ferrari 512M from Le Mans or Daytona. This kit is 1/24 scale and I have never seen a kit with so many detail parts. A bit overwhelming but I am going to give it a shot.

Hopefully our 705 Corvette Forum get togethers continue. We are tough up here, we wait for the worst possible forecast and head out. Insane. Maybe.
yeah murray, we'll just switch our get togethers into our winter mode. i don't think anyone wants to best your record on longest drive in insane weather though !!! :D ten years ago i'd have hopped on the arctic cat and come up to see you for coffee.
Ah yes. Model building. I'm into 1/35 armour myself and though I had the opportunity, I can't get myself into the modeling room for over 6 weeks since harvest ended. I even swallowed my pride and got reading glasses as I couldn't use my regular glasses for a good year now for model work.

Why so much cyano work? Are you into a lot of PE? I tend to be an out of the box builder myself and stay away from resin etc. too.

Spur me on by telling me that you're at the bench sometime soon and the construction is just flying along. My current project is trying to finish 12 - 15 Russian kits. Nice that they are all generally B04 green in colour! Sort of production line work.

I can get onto the treadmill in the adjacent room, into the model room to shelf books and for a few pages of reading, to tackle fixing my son's broken toys but not for my own work. The saddest part is I bemoan that I never do any modeling in the spring/summer/fall due to farming and other activities so what is my excuse for it now?

Too much time watch documentaries and eating iced cream it seems. And buying more reference books to read to add to the shelves full that I already have and will never get around to reading in this lifetime.

Don't fear the snow we're sending you eastern guys from Alberta, it was -24 here yesterday and -25 today. Now that is a rude arrival of winter!


...just finished on saturday a 10x38 storage shed, stuffed 2 trucks in there for the winter, was getting cold working out there already. Some housecleaning to do in my shop then take my pic of what I want to do : headgasket in my 81 GMC diesel, finish plumbing the a/c and make a spare tire mount underneath my 49 5 window diesel, work on my new to me 82 corvette, restore some pinball machines or jukeboxes I got stashed away, get a 2002 chev school bus going to possibly sell , a bunch of cpu and driver boards to repair from Bally / Stern / Williams pinballs, might get a 70 vette in later to do a pile of work on for a friend, restore and make some parts for a set of Hurst Lightning Rods , gotta strip here quick a 69 Cadillac and a 74 new Yorker for demolition derby, my 80 4x4 needs some rust spot touch ups , ......just to name a few of the things on my list for this winter. Thought I'd maybe work on the 58 sedan delivery but don't think I'll have time. I have to live to be 300 to finish all the things I got lined up.
Why so much cyano work? Are you into a lot of PE? I tend to be an out of the box builder myself and stay away from resin etc. too.

Spur me on by telling me that you're at the bench sometime soon and the construction is just flying along.



Garry all the kits I have are either resin or white metal, lots of photo etched parts. Epoxies or CA are the only adhesives that work with them.

I will let you know how I am progressing. If the filter does not work it won't be very far.

I would like to see your military models at some point. Keep pounding away on the treadmill. Won't be long till the next marathon.
Sure I understand. The non-styrene kits. Challenging but usually they also offer some more interesting subjects. I've done a few kits with resin and less yet with PE. I just have never mastered using cyrano and never actually used epoxies except to repair some of my son's toys.

OK, it will take me a while and since I suck at making pictures small enough to post here I'll search my hard drive, find some pictures and put them in a YouTube photo album - about the best I've been able to do! Then you can laugh your a** off! I'm not a good modeler but enjoy it too much to care.............it maybe a week or so before this gets done so bear with me...........


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