WindRestrictor CCF Best Rear END Photo Contest
It is with the greatest of pleasure that I announce our first ever CCF Sponsored Contest open to all CCF members (important terms and conditions apply - see below).

Huge thanks to WindRestrictor for offering a fantastic prize of ANY WindRestrictor Corvette product and associated accessories worth up to $600 USD before taxes. Yes, if you are the WINNER you can pick ANY item on their website here: WindRestrictor, add ANY accessory to it such as illumination, etching etc. and have them ship it to you free of charge (up to $600 USD value).

WindRestrictor is an officially GM licensed brand offering wind deflectors for Covette C4, C5, C6 and C7s as well as many other brands. A lifetime warranty is included with the product which guarantees that the product will never fade, yellow, peel, or crack like others on the market.

WindRestrictor is currently having a 15% off sale right now offering Free Shipping to the US & Canada until Dec 31st - Use Coupon "Holiday". More details on this offer can be found here: Red Hot - 15% OFF + FREE Shipping to Canada! WindRestrictor® Holiday Sale

We all know free shipping to Canada happens about as often as I have lunch with the Pope so this is a great opportunity to buy. ;) If you take advantage of this sale and place your order (and you really should as this sale may not happen again any time soon), and happen to win the contest Windrestrictor will reverse all charges and reimburse you entirely for your order up to $600 USD value. So there is no reason to delay.

The Contest Rules:

Best Rear END Contest Rules are simple.

1. Upload a pic of your Corvette's Rear End as a post reply to THIS very thread no later than midnight EST on December 6, 2019.
2. Explain with a caption, meme, prop, accessory or other feature (real, staged or photoshopped) why your rear is most deserving of a WindRestrictor or why your rear is simply the BEST.
3. A panel of judges over at WindRestrictor will award the Best Rear End pic award by end of day Dec 10 2019.
4. I will update the thread with the Winning pic, winning member username and get in touch directly with the winner on the forums to get your order processed.

Pro Winning Circle Tips:
1. Cool original pics are always welcomed
2. Comical pics will always win votes and hearts
3. Don't know or have photoshop or other photo editing software? Use a prop or placard to get your point across.

Terms & Conditions:
  • You must be a current CCF member in GOOD STANDING (so not in the penalty box).
  • You must be a CCF member with a minimum of 10 posts under your belt. Yes you can join CCF and contribute 10 good posts to participate. You MUST have 10 posts by the time the contest ends or your submission will be automatically disqualified.
  • The pic must be of your OWN car not something off Google's image library please. We will check.
  • No R Rated or politically motivated pics please.
  • One submission per CCF member ONLY. You may edit your post and submission as many times as you wish until the contest deadline.
  • Offer only open to residents of US & Canada (the product will ONLY be shipped to a US or Canadian address).
  • Total prize value cannot exceed $600 USD before taxes.
  • You are responsible for any duties and taxes incurred at the Canadian Border. Windrestrictor will make every attempt to minimize this but there still will likely be something to pay.
  • WindRestrictor and CCF reserves the right to use your photo submission on our websites or as part of other marketing collateral. By entering the contest you grant us express permission to do so.
  • This thread will be locked Friday Dec 6th, at this point no further entries will be possible.
  • Windrestrictor and CCF reserves the right to extend the deadline or tweak the rules if we find that we are not getting quality contest submissions

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Thanks all for the excellent submissions so far. As a reminder you need to have 10 posts or more under your account by Dec 6 or your entry will be disqualified.

Also we would definitely encourage more out of the ordinary or striking rear end poses. The more effort you put into rear end dressage the greater the reward or so I hear🤣.
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