Feb 11, 2013
Port Perry/Peterborough
1999 C5
Hey guys I'm trying to seek out somebody who can do a proper rear tint for my C5. People tell me the dot matrix will need to be addressed and I've heard of several ways to do such.

My question is, who tinted your guys C5s rear glass?
Were they able to do it with 1 piece?
Did they address the dot matrix?

Thanks in advance!
In Answer To Your Question ....

Yes They Can Do The Rear In One Piece ....

The Dots Are Sanded Down So The Tint Will Not Only Stick, But Not Cause Air Pockets Bewteen The Dots ....

Absolute Tinting Inc.

151 Swayze Road, Unit C
Stoney Creek, ON


Done Most Of The Club Corvettes Which Are C5's - C6's ...

But I Am Sure There Are Other Tinters Closer To Your Area ....
Thanks tonnes for the reply Bucks! If nobody posts up an experienced tinter whos delt with the C5 rear window in the next week or two I`ll be rolling down to Hammer town to have it done. Thanks again!
I've tried many tinters in the area and nobody knows about sanding down the dots or any other modifications to help the tint adhere to the dots. I'd love if anyone in the Toronto/Durham or Peterborough/Trenton area knows a tinter that's had experience doing this properly! This week I'm on vacation so I'll drive all the way to Stoney Creek if I must.

(gotta have your vette done properly!) :)
Thanks again bucks. Looks like nobody else has any ideas for the area so I'm going to give absolutetinting a call tomorrow. Going to be a longgg day in hammertown lol.
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