I sure do my friend, but I don't think we will get together for many rounds unless your in Saskatoon of I get out there, however if it happens we can do it for sure.

P.S. Love the Avatar:eek:


Well if you are ever out this way make sure to give me a ring....:D:D:D
I love to golf. Just never enough time to play as much as I would like.

I ran a tournament for the GTA CF gang last year. I will be doing the same this year.:canada:

Thats when you have to make some time (lol) I hear you Mark never enough time between the kids and their sports work and everything els during the summer it is tough. I will try and get out at least Sunday mornings maybe once during the week :D:D. Let me know the date maybe i can get out.

Take care. :canada:
sorry, not trying to offend anybody, just found those two posters yesterday, thought they were funny, check it out :


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I hear ya Gus but I played intercounty ball and I assure you, standing at the plate faciing a 90 mile an hour fastball takes more that "one ball" if you know what I mean

PS: Mark, you know I'm in for the golf whenever it happens. In fact, we should just get out for a few rounds this summer just as a foursome...I'm sure Ian and others would be glad to round off our group for a weekend outing
:) haha, my background is actually russian and not greek, so Gus wouldnt work. but I got a friend who goes by Gus and hes official name is Constantine.

- Kons
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