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Jan 14, 2022
Corvette 2019 GS
The part number is 13598775 but every single OEM one comes without the nut or other parts to install it.

That's just 1 sensor, so you have to also buy this to be able to actually use it;
But is that for just 1 or all 4 wheels? Why are they showing 4 separate nuts in the picture but only 1 of the other components?

Why is this so convoluted and why sell separately? Anyone know where I can get a proper kit?
I'm using the 20223 sensors in my RSR wheels that I purchased from Rock Auto last year when I needed to do an order for other things on my other car. I can confirm that they work on C7 Vettes, and they come with all the parts to install to the wheel.

Sweet, just ordered some.
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