P-Can i think says 91 on the pump but it was running around 94+ out of the refinery right by my house...
I'll tell you where I don't buy it, Mohawk or Husky, that ethynol crap is no good for LSx engines. :nono:

Nor will I put reservation gas in my tank, I don't care how cheap it is.
90% of the Time Sunoco 94 premium. But if I am in an area where I can't find Sunoco I will run other brand name Premium's.:canada:
:agree: Sunoco is the only gas i use closed one down in town now have to go for a little drive to fill her up :D: :canada:
Sunoco 260....oh wait, that was 35 years ago....just Stupidstore premium now. I have the timing set up to 36 degree advance with 9-1 compression and no pinging . Car also runs on regular if I back up the timing a bit
I love the old Chevy SB
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