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Jan 11, 2009
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How many members have 63-67 Corvettes? I love that body style as my dad had a 65 convertible when I was growing up. It was white with a red interior and had a 365hp 327 with solid lifters, I guess saying that it had solid lifters is obvious as all 365hp 327's had solid lifters, but I loved the sound of a solid lifter engine. I also really liked that it had side pipes. I absolutely loved the sound of that car. I was already planning on taking it to my high school graduation when I was 9 years old. Too bad he sold it before I many years later I had to buy my own Corvette. That car will always have a place in my heart.
I think both explanations are quite possible!!!

One thing with C-2s is that you probably do not want to modify it, look for cheaper parts, race it, etc...

Also, you probably will be close to retirement or retired living in Scottsdale :canada: , AZ going for trivial spins daily :driving: when you come back home you rather go in your pool, have a margarita while at it:coolgleam: and by the time you are done coling down:rolleyes:, you do not want to go on the internet.... :sleep: that is me....... NAT!!!! :banghead:
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C2 Corvettes are probably scarce because there weren't a whole lot of them sold in Canada to begin with plus there was attrition due to some guys "totalling" their rides. I think there were more 20-30 year olds buying, driving, and piling up muscle cars in the 1960's than is currently the case.
I've had the "hots" for C2 Corvettes since '63 and considered trying to get one to fullfill my life-long adolescent fantasy. But they are scary-expensive and the last thing I needed in my stable was another vehicle that gives me 9 or 10 miles to the gallon! :banghead:
Got to admit though, they're still head-turners when I see them! :)
maybe i'm not the preservationist I should be but a c2 with c6 running gear would be absolutely WICKED

Well, truthfully, I love the smell and sound of incomplete combustion from a cammed car that doesn't run "efficiently" when idling, but if I was limited to one car and it could be anything I wanted, it would be a 1966 body on a C6Z.
maybe i'm not the preservationist I should be but a c2 with c6 running gear would be absolutely WICKED

I like the modified and the original C2's. If you have one that has made it all these years without being smashed in to or chopped up its worth preserving.

On the other hand if you have a generation 2 Corvette that is a complete basket case - then modify away! :driving:
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