Scott McG

Scott McG

Feb 4, 2014
Vancouver, BC
Future Owner
Hi Gang!

I am curious if any C7 owners have experienced wheel hop. On my former Challenger SRT8, it was a serious problem. It was near impossible to do a burn out without having the whole car buck around like crazy. Very hard on the car. Getting different tires than the factory ones helped, but it was still not great.

Is this an issue with the C7 so far?
If GM would quit raving about all the electronics that they are cramming into the car and do some basic engineering, we might have a car that will not destroy itself. Wheel hop, drive line shake, rear axle wind up or what ever you choose to call it was around in the 1960s and it eats driveline pieces. With the Chevelles a set of traction bars cured the problem. 45 years later and the same problem. Something wrong with this picture. With our 2005, if you get onto it in low gear and the tires start to break loose, the car wants to make a hard and unexpected left turn. A person not ready for it could easily end up in the other lane and in an accident. These cars do most things very well but some basic stuff is being overlooked by their engineers.
It's when you launch and are just on the verge of breaking loose that the wheel hop sets in. This guy isn't proving anything with what he is doing. In my younger days, it was the village idiots that sat there burning their tires so that was burned into my brain and I have never been impressed with burnouts just for the sake of making smoke. That's just me.
To clarify (as I am still not sure what the answer is) do these cars experience the "hop"?

That burnout video was impressive (expensive...but fun to watch).
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