Jul 25, 2012
Fraser Valley B.C.
2002 Convertible
A friend and I went for a long drive in my torch red c5 roadster on Sunday.Top down we drove up and down Ritzy White Rock by the beach and passed at least 5 vettes new and old ones, and I always waved a Hi to each one, but not one waved or honked in response. I have only owned the vette for two months now but it looks like each to his own out here. Anyone else in the lower mainland here have the same reaction from fellow vette drivers. Doesn't really bother me that much, just thought it was peculiar as a lot of you east of B.C. seem to be just the opposite. Anyhoo, just my two cents worth of observation out here.
Were the other Vettes C6's? Wife and I were out for a 200 mile round trip yesterday in our '75 and met a couple of C6's; I waved, they didn't. Met a C5 driver waved and got a wave back. Met a C4 waved and got a wave back. I think the C6's aren't always owned by real Vette enthusiasts as they are too new and more of a status symbol to some people. Just my 2 cents. I get more waves from people in antique/classic cars due to the age of mine.
I've had great response here on the Island. I'd say about 98%. I've even had two people sticking their arms out both sides of the car at the same time. Quite hilarious, and refreshing. Don't let those snobs get you down, keep waving they'll get it sooner or later.
I agree with case75. I always wave and the rare time I don't get a wave back, it's new c6 owners who don't really understand. But yet again, only a few bad apples
I've not encountered any "snobs" yet -- All the owners (C1 to C6) up here watch out for others and wave --

Keep the faith guys -- the clueless ones will get it someday.

What did these people look like? I'm thinking Surrey gangsters trying to be "ballers" won't wave back. I'd also guess those guys to be stocky, tattoed-arms, and in a C6 (or money C2).

It's only younger guys trying to be cooler than the next guy that won't wave at me here in Alberta.

The people in oncoming traffic get a pass from me regardless.
Interesting... I've been riding motorcycles for years but am new to the vette world. It sounds like some C6ers are like Harley riders. I find they often won't wave to me on my M50.... Oh well, it takes all kinds.
LOL....... The only time I didn;t get a wave, was from a C6 also; But to be fair, I forgot I was driving my truck at the time ...

Too funny Brian, I've done the same thing ... Rob
My guess about the C6'ers not waving is that they may not know about the wave but not to worry, pretty soon it will be the C7'ers not waving.:rofl: As mentioned, keep the faith and the wave going. Sooner or later they'll clue in. However, not everyone wants wave, that's fine. But I'm going to wave and I'll send you one just for good measure!:seeya:
you know the old joke eh?
what's the difference between a cactus plant and a corvette driver?
---- with the corvette, the prick is on the inside!!! bahahahahaha
had to tell that one
Back in my days driving my Challenger, the wave-wave back protocol was very well understood. I felt bad the few times I didnt wave back, but it was because I was busy shifting gears or messing with the GPS/Stereo or something.
yeah, the corvette wave i always great, kind of like being in a fraternity with a secret hand shake. Same for me, I actually pulled up beside a C6 at the stop lights and the guy would not even look at me in my C5
yeah, the corvette wave i always great, kind of like being in a fraternity with a secret hand shake. Same for me, I actually pulled up beside a C6 at the stop lights and the guy would not even look at me in my C5

I think the most issues with no acknowledgment from another 'vette is that the drivers are unaware of that "secret handshake" --

A few waves from other 'vette owners quickly clues them in.

Keep the wave going -- It will catch on with those unaware. :D

People who drive RV's also wave at an on comming RV.
I think the wave is a perk we Vette owners have, and is fun to do.
My grand kids have clued into this wave thing and do it when they are with me.
They also call mini vans "loser cruisers"
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