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Dec 16, 2012
2002 Z06
For a casting that can be had under $250-they're badass!!!!!

We have done a few A&A kits on 08 and up LS3's and I was really impressed about how much power they made with very little boost and a very small cam.

For example-a 2008 C6, stage 2 blower cam ( 226/238) and a A&A S-trim kit making 8 psi.


A 2010 Camaro with a Procharger D1SC kit-12 psi


I've tuned alot of blower setups from 01 to 04 and even with the good 243 heads and a nice cam-they don't come anywhere near the power and torque produced.

So I picked up a set of LSA heads, these are found on the 2010 Cadillac CTS-V's and are the same castings found on the ZR1.





The ports are huge-260 cc, the intake valve is 2.16.

These heads are stronger than a typical LS3 casting as there made from T356alunimum and are rotocast.

Now the flow bench.



The numbers are "as cast". Those are some amazing numbers from an "as cast" head. The shop I took the heads to is Forrest and Forrest. Glen and Paul are a great bunch of guys with alot of old school SBC and BBC experience.

And when Paul was finished and looked at the numbers-he was impressed. Those kind of numbers are what you find on a N/A 600 horse motor.

But I'm not done yet. In the next few weeks these heads are off the California to get CNC port job on the intake and exhaust runners.

When I get them back-there going back on the flow bench for some more testing.
NEW CNC-Ported L92 Cylinder Head Assembly
CNC-ported performance head

Would this be the same casting?

Well, sort off. That head is not made from T356 material and is not rotocast.

It would be fine for up to 14 psi-after that the stronger casting helps seal the head to block.
Very nice! Some of the nicest head I've seen on the internet! ...er....I mean nicest heads.:D

On a head that flows so well, do you expect to make a lot of gains from the porting? The more I hear about the LS engines, the more impressed I get.

I expect the head to pick up almost 40 cfm on the intake and at least 25 on the exhaust. Since the goal is make 1000+ rwhp-every little bit helps!
Thanks Arun. GM has so many heads available that it is hard to keep their stuff straight never mine all the other companies making LS heads too.

NP, it's great to be GM enthusiast today!

I've run heads from Patriot Performance, to AFR 205's to AFR 225's, TFS 215's, 225's, 235's and even 245's.

My TFS 245's with all the bell's and whistles were over 3K US.

While they were great heads they needed a "bigger" cam to get the results I wanted.

What I'm hoping for with these LSA heads is to be able to run a much more daily driver friendly cam-while still making 1000+ rwhp.

With a full CNC port, good valves and dual valvesprings-You should be able to get an amazing head for under 2K, even less depending on what the ultimate goal is.
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