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Jul 23, 2012
Swift Current, Sk
1997 Coupe
I just bought a 40x70 heated shop (with a 60 acre acreage... oh and a house.)
But what would you guys buy if you had the space? Or have bought?
What tools come in handy/would be worthwhile?

I'm thinking a 2 post hoist... otherwise any tips or advice?
An air compressor and air lines with water traps is priceless. Do a search on the internet and there are layouts for a properly designed air line system so that you do not end up with water in the lines problems. I have a lot of air tools and sand blast cabinet so the compressor gets used quite a bit. Lots of ceiling height is needed with the hoist. A mezzanine for storage would be handy, leaving the floor for cars. A flat screen TV and comfy chairs could be handy when friends stop by. ;) 40 X 70 sure gives you room to swing the cat. It really does not matter how big you build the garage, it will never be big enough. A few years ago I came up with the theory that cars and parts will accumulate to fill any given space. It is true.
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Just remember to save some space for your ol' buddy Riley to store his car and wife's car over winter.:D

Outside of a lift, TV and chairs..... from my experience in my cousins garage, I would suggest a urinal.:rofl: However, I think the idea is better than actually doing it on this one.
Some ideas:

Golf simulator
Heater (fed from gas-line)
Fridge full of beer
Cabinet full of scotch
Humidor full of cigars

For car stuff:

Yes, the hoist is a must
What about a tire changer?
Racks for tire storage
Infloor lighting--no need for a trouble light!
Air compressor was a great idea

Be sure and take some pics--sounds awesome. Whereabouts is the land Jer?
Thanks for the ideas guys. I'm moving to Swift Current. Their original dirt track oval is also part of the property too.

My first thoughts were similar: golf simulator, man room ie. Beer fridge, pool table?, bathroom, tv

I may certainly have room for storage (for awhile at least). Also has a cold storage quonset!

Compressor lines is a great idea.
Don't forget.:D You will need a method of clearing snow..:confused:

How about this?

The short answer is yes. The 1992 C4 introduced traction control. That is the same year the LT1 engine was introduced. ............... For the full story on this see the article in this link ....... first part is about the ABS brake system, page two will tell you about the Traction Control.


Yes the C4 was way ahead of many cars.............

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