This is the other summer ride..
2003 Jeff Gordon Signature Edition Monte Carlo SS, #62 of 2,424
Bought new Aug/2003. Had it signed by Jeff in 2005.
Factory ghost flames.
We use this for car shows and big trips.

Thanx for looking.
GMC Denali Chev Cruze LTZ/RS CKL 450 Benz Vert (Fla) 03 50th Vert 6 speed

Dan, hope you don't mind me adding your pic. I only have the 50th anniversary Vert of yours.
If you'd like the rest posted please send them to me. Cheers, Colin.

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I just got one step closer to getting my dream car a C7 by selling my 2012 Nissan 370Z. Was a great car but I really want a torquey V8. The red Z really got the looks when I was out in it. I kept if spotless. Not many of them around in my neck of the woods.

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I'm doing a bit of a clear out. Just sold the silvia and going to be selling my G35. Winter beater matrix not pictured. Hopefully the c4 gets some love or a new mate this year. Sorry for the sizing


1966 Chevelle - 396 4-speed. It's my noise making car.
1985 4x4 S-15 - Owned since new - Converted into an Army Truck
2007 Roush - Wifes Car
and a Focus.....who cares. :D

**I'll post up some pics of the Focus for the request below.** :D

That was the one you wanted pics of, right Colin? :D
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When I am not driving my ZR1 .... I drive this ( paid $100 for it 6 years ago - still runs )


Got a red one too - paid $550 for it about 10-12 years ago.... still runs!


Still trying to figure out HOW to fit my Escalade wheels on it



Used to have this one



My driver but will be for sale next month....

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