Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
For anyone that is curious, HDR stands for Hot Dog Run.

Basically, there's a bunch of us that get together on Thursday nights. Corvettes mostly, with classic and newer muscle and performance cars. This is open to anyone that wants to come out with any type of muscle/performance cars and the odd European cars. Ricers need not apply.

We meet up at Yorkdale Mall between 9-10pm, then cruise about 40km down Yonge Street and park in front of the CN Tower/Rogers Centre where there are a couple of hot dog vendors. We stay there for about 45 minutes and then cruise to the DVP and then head home.

Here is a map of our route. A is where we meet and B is our destination.

All in all, we are out for about 3-4 hours. This is not a speed run. It's a nice leisurely cruise and more than anything, it's a fun time and something to do on a Thursday night. This is our fourth summer that we are doing these runs. I doubt we would be doing the same run over and over again if we didn't have fun.

I'm not allowed to post links to other forums so here are some pics from last nights (Aug 5) run.

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And here are some from last weeks (July 29) cruise.
Zeeman28a said:
First off, This beautiful 69 Camaro SS. Thanks for bringing it out Tony. :thumbs:

Just a bunch of vettes with drivers that can't park between the lines. :lol:





Can't have an HDR without my Durango. At least for now. The red '87 belongs to Vicki. She's new. Tommy's C5 and Mike's G8.

Then there's Randy's '95, Daryn's '03, Jeff with his B4C cop Camaro and that's Tony's '69 at the end.
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Zeeman28a said:
Randy in his Hot Doggers t-shirt. On the back, it should say class clown.

Corrado, Steve and Paul, aka The Late Commers.

There was only a few of us that could fit on Front Street. The rest of us were relegated to the parking lot across the street.

Randy mugging for the camera.

And these are from May. Our largest turnout to date with 26 cars.
WOW! :eek: Incredible turnout tonight. 26 cars tonight. Thanks to everyone that came out for the cruise. I hope you all enjoyed tonight's run.

Raggdoll (Mike) wanted a shot of all the cars, so we lined them up. There are 2 cars that are parked behind the row, plus there is another car beside the yellow C5 on the left. I couldn't get get far enough back to fit all the cars in the frame. Plus another 4 cars turned up after this pic was taken.


Just not enough room for us all on Front Street.


Nice smile Jack.

I've also created an HDR page on Facebook with pictures from past HDR's. It's an open group so you don't have to join to view the images.

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I post the HDR's on CorvetteForum, CanadianCorvetteForums, Camaro5, CCFBG and occassionally on Rennlist.

Now I know it may not sound like much, but when you have 10-15-20 and/or more vettes and other performance/muscle cars rumbling down Yonge Street, side by side, it is a sight to see. Plus there are a couple of spots where those with the "loud" exhausts can show off a bit. Bring ear plugs. It's also nice to see the expressions on pedestrians faces when we cruise by. We get a lot of pictures taken.

One day, I may hire a couple of photographers to sit at certain points on Yonge Street and film us as we go by.

If you are in Toronto or the GTA area, we would like it if you could join us for a cruise sometime.

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