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Feb 5, 2009
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Can I please have some of the "stuff" you guys are having? LOL LOL...

(Anyway I can't remember how to properly use photobucket even with the tutorial.) Dasilva Motors might also be serving up some "potent" refreshments to go with their add on power motor parts...
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Sadly not all of Manny's efforts have been 100% successful.

Witness the following.....


It was pulled when everyone realized that given the choice most 'Vette owners would go for the latter.

I'll apologize to Riley later.... :)

You know, I do try to keep that stuff to a minimum but it's hilarious and done in good humor so it can stay. Dasilva Motorsports or Bust.:rofl: My guess is that either will cost the same amount of money in the end. :D
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