My son Lucas gets his G1 at the end of march and i'm getting nervous already.I should have never told him manny that you let your son take your Vette to his prom, so guess who wants to take mine when he goes to prom in a couple of years lol.

my best story was me "driving against" my dad down the freeway... i'm in my GTA and he's driving a 300zx twin turbo... at about 240 my MOM turns to me and says... "careful.. you're going to get a ticket"

she's the BEST and apparently has more brass than the panzy in that video LOL

That was many many years ago and no longer support that kind of behaviour in any fashion ;)
When I got my car I took my mom for a ride. As I was pulling onto the highway there was still gravel from the winter between the sets of lanes and as I punched it arouond the corner I slid in to the far lane. My mom just looked at me and said "watch what your doing". I actually scared myself and she was unphased.

Couldn't figure it out how my mom was ok with the situation until I started talking to dad. He had some muscle cars while they were dating...basically my mom has seen it all.

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