Colin, wish I could have said the same for Comox! This time of year all we get is lots liquid sunshine and moderate temps. Plus 8C here today.

At least you're milder Rob -- Sun on the way for you tomorrow afternoon and well into next week.....Enjoy.

By the looks of our forecast we have to wait for next weekend for some sun.:(

at least the temps here for this week are above freezing. that's good news for me. i have some nerve damage that causes extreme sensitivity to cold in the hands, gloves don't do much to help. it's hard to get any building done when i spend so much time sitting in the truck trying to get my hands warmed up :(
That nerve damage must be a pita Doug -- have you tried any of the electric hand warmers available? Even tho hand mobility might be a problem , something like that might help.

So much for a decent morning here today -- we were greeted with rain then snow and then a mix ..... :(

At least no accumulation (yet).

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