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Jul 29, 2013
Leamington, Ontario
2001 Convert-Pewter
Well today was 15C and sunny here in southwestern Ontario, so I just had to take the Vette for a ride with the top down. :D

I also stopped for a photoshoot along the shores of Lake Erie. Hope this is not the last topless ride of the year. Hoping for a couple more in Nov./Dec. before she gets stored for the winter.

Here are three pictures:
Vette1030 Photos by cramar7 | Photobucket
Are you "exclusive Corvette" folk soft? Here's my wife in the '77 Spitfire in January. Temperature was right around the freezing mark. Side windows up and heater on full = quite comfortable.
(to be honest... I think she is blowing her nose!)
Drive old British rubbish and you can cope with anything :eek: .

Way to go vintageracer.

I don't know if I would have the nerve to drive topless in January. I won't just because once salt hits the road, I'm done for the season and insurance is coming off. But I found this interesting site a few months back:

Jaguar XKR S Convertible Nordic Jan 01 010212 Photo 1

For us hardy Canucks it should be a piece of cake. I bet the first guy who drives topless in the priaries in January in -40c and calls in the press will be on national news. I'd be tempted, but it rarely got below -10 here last year. I can see it now:

"Saskatchewan Man Drives His Corvette Convertible in -40c" :rofl:

Here is the video link. Looks like fun! Maybe a great Corvette winter outing. :D
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When I lived in Regina I knew of a guy who would drive his Bronco without the top or doors on every day. He parked in a heated garage at home and had a heated garage at work so according to him it wasn't that bad. :rofl:
Looking forward to topless!

What a difference a few months make!

Oct. 30:


Feb. 10 same location:


I hate winter! Looking forward to topless weather again!
Isn't that insane!? And just think, it a few months, it'll be back to the other way.
Great pictures!!! Very cool to see the change....or is that very cold to see the change? :D

You want insane? The pictures were take on the shore of Lake Erie, and after the last storm we were told that some of the houses were all but buried with the wind taking the snow off the frozen lake. So we went to have a look and I snapped pix of three houses which were not dug out yet (just down the street from the Corvette pix). Obviously they are not lived in during winter. Where are the front doors even? Incredibly, just 200 metres from the lake, the snow drops off to the normal <1 ft. The price you pay for a "lake view".


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