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Jan 12, 2009
Saskatoon, Sask
As the title says I could not be more disapaointed with the "spring" we are supposed to be having in Saskatoon! I had these great visions of replating the car April 1, but there is no chance of that happening in fact I think I will be lucky to be driving by April 15.

How has the spring been in your areas of the country?

Things are not all bad, just lately my right foot seems to be twitching uncontrolably:rofl:

Spring has been very good to us in Toronto, our last big snowfall was in the middle of February! We have still been getting a few colder than normal days though, but we've also had a few very nice warm days too (as high as 18 recently) But the lack of snow is the best part, as it has allowed many people to bring out their Vettes much earlier than in recent years.
Well boys and girls, I came thru Edmonton last weekend and did see 2 C-6 on the so called ring road there and tonight in Saskatoon coming out of the Canadian Tire parking lot was a nice clean Blue C-6 Corvette(mind you it wont be blue for more than 1 block hahahaha). So I guess some people are getting antsy in Saskatoon allready .
Not for me as I prefer the water to be at least of the roads and some major pot holes fixed . Just another month or so folks and out she comes.
Spring has sprung here on Vancouver Island, although it's still colder than normal for this time of year. There is still a slight chance of snow but it will be mixed with rain and will be "snow" in name only. This has been one very long winter for all and it's not going away graciously! :eek:
Last Sunday lived up to its name (sunny-day) and the roads were dry so Mrs. X-SPAN and I drove the 'Vette up to Courtenay/Comox. It wasn't "top-off" weather (still too cold!) but it was sure good to hit the open road and do some sustained 120kph driving.
With more good driving weather looming, the challenge will be to stay home once in a while and do some of the work around here that needs to get done!
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