Jan 29, 2009
Toronto, Ontario
If I keep waiting for the good weather reports, I'll never end up posting a cruise this year.

Rain Date will be the following Sunday May 25th, and then the rain date will move to the Sun Jun 1st after that.

Meet up at the CanTire Gas Bar on Hwy 400, north of Major Mac between 10 and 11am on Sat May 17.

Will cruise to Hwy 9 and then head over to Tottenham Road. For those coming from the West End, if you end up coming north on Airport Rd or Hwy 27, head east on Hwy 9 to Tottenham Road and head north. there is a Timmies on Tottenham Road about 6km north of Hwy 9. Let's meet up there. Remember this place?

Last year's photo thread. And you know what, if we go, it's exactly 1 year since last years first Weber's cruise.

From Webers, for anyone wanting to go the extra bit, we will go to Gravenhurst for the Buttertarts, a brief cruise afterwards on Muskoka Beach Road to the 400 and then home.

Please do not post this cruise on other forums. I've invited drivers from the Corvette Forum, the Canadian Forum and from my HDR Facebook Page only. If you have a friend that you would like to invite to cruise with us, even if not in a vette, they are welcome to join us. I must also remind everyone, that, unless you know everyone, you may never know who's cruising with us. Let's all behave responsibly on the roads, so that there's no threat of us getting shut down. I know from experience that it's very easy to go beyond what the law allows.
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For those Vette owners that like to put some miles on their Vette's.
Stan's Weber's cruise is for you. Unfortunately I will be in the US. this weekend so I will miss this one.

Stan leads a Great cruise and a fun filled day. Very friendly bunch of fellow Vette enthusiast's. Webers is just a destination along the way. The burgers are decent, but its only a small part of the journey.

Don't be shy, This is much better than standing around in a parking lot, looking at the same cars every week. Get out drive.

Have fun & post some pictures!! :canada:
Last year we met the crew at Webbers then followed the tour up the winding back roads to Gravenhurst. After that, Dale and I continued on north to Bracebridge then east to Haliburton and back south to home. It was a great day and we put faces to names in the process. It's well worth the drive and for us, the driving is what it is all about. It beats the hell out of a car show or standing around in a hot parking lot.
May see you there on Sat. Keith but not sure about the time the others are arriving at Webers, do you know when you will be there approx.?
Nice car there. Hopefully they can tag along.

If I'm right, this might be the first cruise I've done that will have every generation from the C1 thru the C7.
Here are mine before my camera battery died. Doh! Only have a few from the first meet at CanTire. I will have a short video shortly. I will post other pics as they become available. We ended up with a C1, a couple of C3's and C4's, quite a few C5's and C6's and one brand new C7.

The day started off a bit gray and chilly, but by noon the sun was in full shine, and it warmed up to 15.





Was at Webers today and waited to see about 15 show up around 1:pm. Met up with Keith also and had a great chat. Sorry we couldn't go to Gravenhurst but nice to see all those great cars and especially the older ones. I said to Keith I was missing my '67 coupe. May have to look for another one.
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