Jan 1, 2014
Calgary AB
77 Corvette L82
Hey guys I have another question for you. This past summer I seemed to notice that I had terrible water leakage behind my seats (filling up the bottom seat belt retractor storage) so I thought about it and realized it was my door sill seals. But now I notice that it's at the front of my passenger side. It's pretty bad and was fogging up my windows. The only thing I noticed is there was water on my kick panel. Btw it's not antifreeze because it doesn't smell sweet. Any ideas?:confused:
I agree with buckhorn if the car is inside. I would look at the T-top rubbers too. could explain the water locations. Leaks are sometimes real had to find because they can be small and the water can run along surfaces to the low points making the entry part harder to find.

Good luck finding the leak. Let us know how it goes.

Few suggestions that may or may not be true for your year but I figured I will pass them along.

- Could be the windshield leaking
- On the passenger side under the hood by the wipers there may be a ventilation door that is not properly closing...but this may only be for the 72 and earlier.
- Remove you PS kick panel and look inside the cavity as there should be drain holes at the bottom, if not, they could be filling up.
- Make sure the vent door is closing properly behind the PS kick panel.
- The drain for the A/C condenser may be plugged and leaking water.
- Make sure the body side drains are cleared of debris.
Might be time for a new weatherstrip kit. Go online to Corvette Central and request a copy of their C3 catalogue. I recommend these guys since they offer free shipping promotions to Canada throughout the year. If that's what you need, I recommend using a weatherstrip from CRC (Corvette Rubber Company). CC sells their product, and I highly recommend them, as they are almost an exact copy of the latex weatherstripping the car came with. Did my windshield posts, rear door posts and t-tops last year....as quiet as a church, and as dry as the desert now.

If that weatherstripping is original, it's definitely time to replace.
Thanks for all the suggestions and sorry for the late response. I found out that my heater core had a bad leak and although it didn't smell like anti freeze I should have known that it wasn't water as it's a bit greasy. Anyway after ripping my dash apart I've replaced it and it's nice and dry and because I haven't had the time to hook it back up, lots cooler. I also have a small dribble in the top corners of my side windows but I need to align my doors and possibly windows so everything should be fixed. I also am starting to order replacement weatherstripping and have started to instal them. Thx again for all the help and great ideas to find the problem especially the spray bottle tip.
Hey Guys! Well this goes all the way back to 2014.

Still having water come into my car.... UNTIL NOW!!!

On a cars and coffee run with ttarob a few weeks ago we had our cars parked beside each other. Looking at his car I noticed I was missing something around the windshield.

Turns out it’s a windshield/fender filler. Without it in place water runs along the pillar and into the area above the body mount inside the car. It also sneaks past an area on the door seal.

Well that only took 4 years to figure out. Haha


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