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Jun 19, 2014
Collingwood ON
2015 Z51 Coupe A8

Just a shout out that the Wasaga Beach Corvette Club is holding its annual Beach Cruise this Saturday (Aug 16).

This is the link if I am allowed to post it:

Beach Cruize - Wasaga Beach Corvette Club

I understand this may be a Quad C event too which makes it rain or shine.

I may not have my Corvette yet but I plan to be there.

Doug in Collingwood
Absolutely fine Doug ..... and from what I hear and read the event is very well attended by members here.
I don't know of QuadC affiliation, maybe someone else here knows, but certainly the Wasaga Beach Corvette Clug and Rotary club and many other sponsors including our very own DaSilva Motorsports.

I wish the organizers, sponsors and attendees a huge success. -- and don't forget to take pics for those of us who cannot attend -- we love pics.

Cheers and have fun
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